We undertake work for a number of corporate organisations where we work with them to develop and deliver a bespoke package of repair and maintenance services typically consisting of:
On-site Servicing / Abandoned Bikes / Fleet management

On-site Servicing/Mechanics

An on-site mechanic can be provided for one, two or three consecutively. Typically the organisation would approach us with their objectives/aims. This could be:

  • Encouraging cycle use as a method of commuting to and from work
  • Rewarding cycle users for their patience during times of change (typically when there have been changes in cycle parking arrangements or building repair works etc)
  • Encouraging cycle use as part of a healthy lifestyle

Once we have understood your requirements we would develop a package of services designed to achieve this objective. A number of our corporate clients come to us to address a particular issue and then continue working with us to support their cycling strategy.

A corporate services package tends to consist of:

  • Provision of an on-site mechanic for one, two or three days
  • Promotional posters will be provided beforehand
  • Staff members can bring their bike to the on-site mechanic for general advice, a service and other standard repairs which will be completed free of charge for the staff member
  • All repairs will be completed on site where possible with more complex repairs being undertaken from our premises

Why do a bike repair/service clinic at your premises?

  • Its on-site so does not require employees to take any time out of the office
  • They get a personalised service, can speak directly to their mechanic and explain any niggles etc they might be having with their bike
  • The cost is covered by the company/employer so it’s a great way to show goodwill to your staff
  • Bikes which are serviced/properly maintained are less likely to fail so less absenteeism due to transport issues
  • It helps to promote cycling as a mode of transport and promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • The net benefits to the company/organisation in goodwill, reduced absenteeism and improved heath significantly outweigh the costs

For further details or information on our corporate services and prices, please email popupbikes@gmail.com or call 0161 839 0709

Abandoned Bikes

Abandoned bicycles cause a number of issues for building managers and companies across Greater Manchester for a number of reasons:

  • They are prone to theft and vandalism
  • They take up valuable (often limited) cycle parking spaces
  • They can be unsightly, especially if they are broken/damaged

How can you tell if a bicycle has been abandoned?

  • Has the bike been unmoved for a prolonged period of time? (over one month)
  • Is it visibly damaged?
  • Is one (or are both) tyres flat?
  • Has it been locked properly and in the correct area?

How to deal with abandoned bicycles

  • Have an Abandoned Bicycle policy
  • Put a notice on the bike (with your logo and contact details)
  • Allow a sufficient amount of time for the owner to remove/claim the bike (we suggest 3 months) to allow for holidays, student breaks etc.
  • If the bicycle hasn’t been removed/or the notice removed  from it within the time period set, the bicycle can be classed as abandoned.
  • If the bike is unlocked, we can collect from the site, FREE OF CHARGE and store the bike at our premises for an additional 30 days before it will be recycled/disposed of.
  • If the bike is locked, please contact us and we can provide a quote for removal, typically £10.00 per bike depending on the type of lock any specialist tools required.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of bikes includes the need for regular, quality maintenance and safety checks as with a single bike, especially so if the running of your service depends on the fleet being on the road as much as possible.

We can supply and maintain most types of bike and advise you on the correct fleet for your business whether that is high-end mountain bikes or every-day hybrid/commuter bikes. We can:

  • Advise the correct type of bikes for your fleet based on use and budget
  • Maintain, service and repair your fleet
  • Collect bikes for repair work and return them on completion
  • Supply courtesy bikes when a fleet bike is with us for repair

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