As well as general repairs and servicing, we offer a selection of specialist services including:
Bike Fittings / Nano Conversions / Wheel Building & Spoke Cutting / Insurance Quotations / Bike Donations / Bike Parking

Bike Fittings

If you are suffering from pain when you ride, want to improve your performance or have a more comfortable ride then maybe it’s time for a bike fit. During the bike fit we will adjust your bike and the components at the three points where your body comes into contact with your bike; your saddle, handlebars and pedals. This changes your riding position and style and should help to ease or eliminate any pains you have on your bike and make your ride more comfortable.

A complete bike fitting costs just £75.

You will need to bring:

  • Your Bike (or bikes)
  • Your cycling kit – You will be riding for part of the session
  • Your cycling shoes (and cleats if applicable)

Your Bike Fitting session should last between 1.5 – 2 hours. We will put you on a turbo trainer on your bike, watch you ride and start taking measurements and making adjustments to see what suits you best. Please let us know about any injuries or niggles that you have when you arrive.

A bike fitting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your speed, comfort and overall health on your bike.

We will measure and set:

  • Saddle Height – Setting the height so you get the best possible leg extension as you pedal
  • Saddle fore and aft position – Moving your saddle along the rails, using the KOPS method to ensure that your saddle position is correct
  • Saddle Tilt – Adjusting the angle of your saddle to reduce stress on your pelvis and forearms
  • Handlebar Height – Setting the correct height of your bars so the angle formed by your spine is the most comfortable and stress-free.
  • Handlebar Position – Checking your shoulder width matched with the width of your bars, hand position, adjusting the position of your hoods if necessary.
  • Handlebar Tilt – Moving your bars into the correct position so your wrists are as comfortable as possible.
  • Cleat Fore/Aft Position – Setting your cleat position in line vertically with your newly acquired KOPS measurement
  • Cleat Side/Topside Position – Setting your cleat position in line horizontally (Q-factor) with your newly acquired KOPS measurement.
  • Cleat Rotation – Adjusting the angle of your cleats so your feet are comfortable.

At the end of your session we will give you a printed chart showing all the optimum measurements for you and your bike so you can correctly set any bikes you get in the future accordingly.

Insurance Quotations

We hope all our customers have safe rides and commutes but if you should be involved in an accident, after your health and recovery, getting your bike back on the road is often the next priority and dealing with your own (or someone elses) insurance can be a headache.

At Popup Bikes we provide insurance quotations on letter headed paper detailing the nature of the damage to your bike, the repairs and remedial work required to put things right and the costs of repairs and replacement parts.

Hopefully making the process of claiming for the cost of getting you back on the open road a little easier.

Wheel Building & Spoke Cutting

Our Cytech Qualified mechanic can custom build wheels from your choice of hubs, rims and spokes to create the perfect wheels for your bike. We cut and thread spokes in house to any gauge and length using state of the art equipment

Wheel Building
from £40.00 per wheel

Spoke cutting
from £1.50 per spoke (including spoke)
E-Bike Spokes £2.50

Wheel building is a great way of getting the ideal look, optimal performance from your bike and save money by utilising components which still have plenty of life in them.

Bike Parking

As a cycle commuter with access to secure cycle parking, you can forget the expense of public transport or car parking, and you’ll know your bike is safe and dry.

1 Hour £0.50 or FREE with a coffee
Day pass (12 hours) £1.50
Week pass £6.50
Month pass £20.00
Year pass £200.00

Come and go as often as you like. With a Popup Bikes Pass, you have unlimited access to your bike during opening hours.

Bike Donations

If you have a bike which you have grown out of, no longer use or simply need to give away to get space back at your home, we’ll happily take it off your hands! Our bike donations service enables us to:

  • Recycle bikes which would otherwise be thrown away or scrapped
  • Provide low cost used bikes to people of low incomes/a limited budget
  • Reuse parts and components from bikes which are beyond economic repair
  • Ensure bikes which are no longer useable and cannot be repaired, are disposed of and recycled in a responsible manner

If you’d like to donate a bike you can contact us on 0161 839 0709, by emailing  or you can drop it off at our bike shop where we’ll make sure it finds its way to a good home